Monday, August 04, 2008

Before I Forget - SDCC 08

I have been very busy trying to catch up from this years SDCC. So before I forget I'd like to jot down a few thoughts about the con then get back to work.

Thursday was a blur. I caught an early flight out of Philly, it was pouring rain as we drove down and as I flew away. Evidentally a wicked storm had rolled thru and blew everything up so my flight was a little delayed then delayed a little more when I changed over in Altlanta. No biggie, I arrived in SD a few hours late, grabbed a shuttle to the hotel, jumped in the shower and made a beeline to the con. My initial reaction pulling up to the convention center was HOLY $HIT! The amount of people was staggering. It was certainly the most people i've seen there in the 10 years I've been attending. OK cool. I made it to my table, set up & got to work. I sold a few books, did a few sketches & had a pretty damn good time.

Lots of people came by to visit and to ask about Gene etc.

I was very happy to meet/see Mike Pascale, who helped me out a lot inbetween panels, Dom Milano, Glen Gold, Brent McDonald, the OTHER Dave Gutierrez (who I once had to write a check to because someone at twomorrows accidentally sent his check to me), Mark Mokken, Ryan Graph, Adam Richards, Ben & his wife from Seattle (sorry w/ missed each other fri night, I lost your number & you never came back), David "Surfer Kid Cosmic", Kasra Ghanbari, Ted McKeever & Maria (thank you so much), Jim from CBG, Bill from CGC, Steve Morger, Anthony Snyder, John from Big Easy, Ernie Chan, Dave McKean, Mike Grell, Matt Hull & some others (sorry if i've forgotten 'bout you but thanks for stopping by)

Unfortunately I missed connecting w/ some of you, Marc Sven, Cliff, Laurie B. See you next time, I hope!

more later?

Need coffee~

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Brent McD. said...

good to see you too, man. please give my best to gene & adrienne.