Friday, December 15, 2006

Iron Man Comments

"Good morning Dave,

Sorry I didn't get back to you last night, we had to go to Seattle for the night to see a specialist concerning my wifes pregnancy. Its cool though. But before we left yesterday, the fedex truck pulled up while we were getting ready to leave. Actually caught us in our driveway. I looked at my watch and we had plenty of time so we went back into the house and I started carefully cutting up the box. Seriously, I was so nervous I think it took 6 or 7 minutes for me to surgically cut all the tape. Didn't want to touch the art. Thanks for the bomb proof packing job! Then I was greeted to the coolest cardboard sketch of Iron Man on the box (which I'm keeping as well) and opened it up. My wife could see I went from a 36 year old man to a ten year old reading his first comic book again. My mouth was slightly agape and then it just turned into a shit eating grin (if there is such a thing) for the next ten minutes as I just stared at your colors. I'm not making this up to be dramatic at all man, this thing is awesome for lack of a better adjective. My wife was actually in amazement as well but she seemed more impressed with the size as to the art. I think she was expecting something actually comic book sized. I think not. Genes pencils are of course incredible as well but I kept going back to your colors. Man, this is my first work of art in any medium and it is stunning and gorgeous. I hated putting it back into the box so we could run out. I am going back to Seattle in a few days to take it to a high end art gallery to have it professional framed. Take care Dave, and thank you for the Christmas card. Is that your artwork by the way?

Talk with you soon,


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