Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sandman & Delirium on eBay

I'll be posting this and a few other pieces on eBay later today. Gotta drum up some cash. The holidays really kicked my a$$! So check 'em out. My eBay sellername is: arstudios

I did this piece as a commission and after getting to this point I realized I completely missed the mark (after reviewing several emails) so I put it aside and started another from scratch. It's pencil on standard 11"x17" board.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year! I've been slacking off and relaxing but pretty busy at the same time, now I'm playing catch-up on a few projects. Today I'm continuing work on a Sandman commission based on #19 "Midsummer Nights Dream". It will be on 13"x19" board. This peice will have Sandman holding court in front of one of the travelling troupes wagons with Lady Titania and a bunch of little winged things and creatures that you see thruout the story some hidden in tall grass and in and around the edge of a forest so we'll have lots of plants, grass, trees, flowers etc completely around the entire piece, little glowing things, tiny fairies and the like, full blown watercolor.

I'll also be playing catch-up with a few post holiday posts. As soon as I can get it together. I've been juggling several complex jobs and I'm confused at the moment.