Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Time 2 Wail!

Here's a fun new 5 piece Tama drum set that my friend gave me a few weeks ago. It's gonna need some new cymbals & stands but otherwise it's in perfect order. I've been wailing on it and making the dogs go crazy. Just another noisey distraction but it's fun to beat the hell outta.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Crank it up!

Well, between work and working on the new house I've finally set up most of my basement studio. It all started when the weather last week was incredibly hot and the attic office was an oven. The new AC unit was cranking away and it was comfortable but the damn thing just kept running and running so while I was emptying the dehumidifier down in the basement I realized there was a 20 degree difference between the basement and attic. I decided I'd set up a temporary or second drawing board down there where it was cool. I had all the equipment down there from day one of moving in it just needed to be organized, plugged in and I had to set up another computer (with the recording software etc.) It felt pretty cool to plug in and turn it up. It's been probably 6 months since I picked up a guitar.

Here's the computer which runs the recording/mixing programs. (that's still in the box.)

Here's my ESP and Charvell Bass guitars, all ready to go! There's a 200w P.A. systen I run the Bass thru and I use for any mic set ups. And my 400w Varvin head that powers all the Marshall cabs. That thing is a monster! "Let's piss off the new neighbors." In a pile of other cases there's a few more guitars. A Gibson Flying V, an Ibanez Iceman & my first electric guitar, an old Elecktra. Upstairs on hooks are some others, an Ovation electric/acoustic, another Gibson acoustic, my beloved Charvel 6-string and a blue Fender P-Bass.

Here's a full stack of Marshall cabs and you can see the drawing board w/ a partially inked Captain America page on the lightbox. I'm getting about a page a day done down here & have 14 pgs. of 38 done. I should be working but decided to post this then I'll grab a coffee and get rolling. It's 1:37 am. yawn.

Here's another Marshall in the corner! It gets nice and loud down here. Now I just hafta find room to stick a drumset in.