Monday, August 04, 2008

Before I Forget - SDCC 08

I have been very busy trying to catch up from this years SDCC. So before I forget I'd like to jot down a few thoughts about the con then get back to work.

Thursday was a blur. I caught an early flight out of Philly, it was pouring rain as we drove down and as I flew away. Evidentally a wicked storm had rolled thru and blew everything up so my flight was a little delayed then delayed a little more when I changed over in Altlanta. No biggie, I arrived in SD a few hours late, grabbed a shuttle to the hotel, jumped in the shower and made a beeline to the con. My initial reaction pulling up to the convention center was HOLY $HIT! The amount of people was staggering. It was certainly the most people i've seen there in the 10 years I've been attending. OK cool. I made it to my table, set up & got to work. I sold a few books, did a few sketches & had a pretty damn good time.

Lots of people came by to visit and to ask about Gene etc.

I was very happy to meet/see Mike Pascale, who helped me out a lot inbetween panels, Dom Milano, Glen Gold, Brent McDonald, the OTHER Dave Gutierrez (who I once had to write a check to because someone at twomorrows accidentally sent his check to me), Mark Mokken, Ryan Graph, Adam Richards, Ben & his wife from Seattle (sorry w/ missed each other fri night, I lost your number & you never came back), David "Surfer Kid Cosmic", Kasra Ghanbari, Ted McKeever & Maria (thank you so much), Jim from CBG, Bill from CGC, Steve Morger, Anthony Snyder, John from Big Easy, Ernie Chan, Dave McKean, Mike Grell, Matt Hull & some others (sorry if i've forgotten 'bout you but thanks for stopping by)

Unfortunately I missed connecting w/ some of you, Marc Sven, Cliff, Laurie B. See you next time, I hope!

more later?

Need coffee~

Saturday, August 02, 2008

SDCC 2008 Sans Gene Colan

Well, I must say, I missed being side-by-side w/ Gene this past weekend in SD but there were an awful amount of people who came by to ask about him, buy some of his merch, get an update and to send their well wishes to Gene. Thursday was busy, maybe busier than the rest of the con and each day was a crazy circus of people. It was an honor to hold up the Gene banner and meet all his fans who were concerned enough to stop by and ask. Thanks to all of you & sorry to those of you who I missed or was not able to connect with. Gene appreciates the well wishes immensely and, god willing, maybe next year we can ALL do it again.

A great BIG thanks to Sue Lord who took great care of me while visiting SD, as always.