Thursday, November 09, 2006

Neutro (part 2)

This is was started it all, and this is what the new owner of these commissions had to say.

"NEUTRO is possibly the worst mass-produced comic ever. It only lasted one issue in the 60s. That's pretty rare. But I have grown to love this book and its beautiful flaws. I've got a couple sketchbooks filled with NEUTRO art, both proud and silly. I found NEUTRO at a convention in Des Moines, IA many years ago. We had a table next to the SPAWN funnycar (remember when that was making the rounds?) and the McFarlane folks were playing a tape loop about their KISS dolls all day long. We thought we were going insane. So, we ended up hitting the dime boxes and lo and behold there was NEUTRO. NEUTRO saved my sanity that day, I think. So I've been going around giving away copies of NEUTRO to artists and having them do their interpretation. I think I singlehandedly drove the Overstreet price for NEUTRO over $100 in Near Mint. Ah well. I prefer my copies beat up anyways."

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