Thursday, December 28, 2006

Storm (Dave Cockrum Tribute)

I was asked to contribute to the Dave Cockrum Tribute that's going into another printing with more pages and in hardcover. The only parameters were the character would have to be one of Dave's creations. My initial thought was Storm with a crazy mohawk but I went back & forth with some other ideas but kept thinking about a Storm piece. So when I sat down to do it I messed around and messed around and was not happy so I scrapped everything and started in on a Storm piece. It took several tries (I've never drawn her before) but when this one started taking shape (the shape that had been in my head the whole time) I ripped thru it and was verry happy. So I sent it off and got the nod and here it is. The piece will be sold and all proceeds to go to Dave's wife Paty. I felt honored to be involved and I hope Dave would have been proud. Read more details about the book and how to order one here. I'll have 11"x14" signed prints, on nice strathmore bristol, available for $25 each, all proceeds (minus shipping) will also be donated so email me if interested at

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