Thursday, March 08, 2007

David Mack @ WonderCon SFO

I saw David Mack at the NYC Con the week before but he wasn't doing more than the regular Kabuki quick sketches so I bought a "Dreams" hardcover with said sketch and left it at that. Things were hectic in NY and I knew he would be in San Francisco the next week. So when I saw him at Wonder Con I asked once again if he had a sketch in him, he put me off but I was going to keep asking anyway. I would keep trying at least. Never had a problem getting something in the past so.........

No luck on Friday but by Sunday I think I had worn him down and he agreed to do a Death sketch. I also grabbed a copy of Kabuki #8 with a sketch drawn on it & a fun Kabuki patch (all for my wife who couldn'y attend). David's a good guy & an amazing artist.

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