Thursday, March 01, 2007

Driving Cross Country *sigh*

Well, we moved from California. Yep! And right in the middle of winter no less. Drat! I'll try and draft a more comprehensive recollection of the trip at a later date but one of the lo-lights was our nightmare thru Texas. An ice storm had rolled thru the day before we got there and the imbeciles, who should be ashamed of themselves, did'nt bother to salt or sand the interstate so literally the second we got to "Welcome to Texas" (F-U!) we were greeted by a 3 inch layer of ice completely covering the entire highway, it was basically a 200+ mile long ice rink, and a line of tractor trailers stopped as far as the eye could see. About 24 hours and a dozen or more jack knifed semis we we thru and into Oaklahoma (where the highways were perfectly fine as it was in New Mexico also). As we sat for hours and hours, stopped, while 18 wheeler after 18 wheeler were being scraped off the highways I got a little sick of driving so I handed off the wheel to our dog Benny, who's a pretty good driver, except he's got a bit of a lead paw (see photo & check out the speed-o-meter!) What a trip, glad it's over & I'll NEVER drive thru TexASS again!

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