Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Annoying = Entertainment?

Since when did "annoying" become entertainment? It's incredible just how bad and irritating 80% of movies are these days. I don't understand, with all the remakes and outright crap out there, it's pitiful. I have seen a handful of great movies over the last few years so give credit where credit is due but most of them are just annoying crap, gimmee a break! Please, someone, write something original! I'm not much of a movie buff. I have my dozen or so favorites that I watch over & over but with Netflix & Blockbuster I can get all the $hit movies I want delivered right to my front door. Good for me!

On a happier note I recieved 3 more pages from "Archie: Riverdale & Back Again" by Gene Colan yesterday. That makes 6 in all. These pages are just wierd! Wonderfully strange stuff. You can see them all (as soon as I get the chance to post 'em) here:

Thanx to Ben over at Gotham City Art.

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