Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hayward Comic-Con

We went to the Hayward Super-Con comic book show yesterday & had a fine time with our friends Mike & Lisa. We hung out with Tony DeZuniga & Ernie Chan for a while. I bought a few pieces of art and Tony signed a Batman page he inked in 1982 for me. Two colored pencil commissions of Death and Black Orchid and a very nice 1/2 inked Conan drawing. (I also got a Black Orchid print that was thrown in for free). We picked up a few freebies and a Corpse Bride boxed figure set. (Which I thought came with the DVD inside, but it didn't, F&%$) BAAU (Bay Area Artists Unite) was there and had pieces of paper layed out on their table for people to draw a page of a continuing story. The main character was the BAAU mascot, which is a dog so i drew my 3 dogs confronting him with a knife, gun & broken bottle. I don't know what they intend on doing with it but it was fun. If I can find out or get a scan i'll post that. A fine day ended with lunch over at La Pinata, the mexican resturant where I had a few beers. Here's a picture of the Conan drawing. We are going over to Ernie Chan's place in Oakland today to hang out and pick up a Wonder Woman page that he had put aside for me. I'm going to bring some of my artwork to show him also. Other pics can be seen here:

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