Monday, October 23, 2006

"Lucky" by Steven Cuden

We just watched this sick movie yesterday. My mother-in-law had called and said she had started watching it and it was too sick so she could'nt get thru it, Nuff Said! We went out and bought it for $2 at Hollywood Video. The dog "Lucky" is great. It's disturbing, I guess, but funny. Certainly worth the $2.

Television writer Steve Cuden makes his directorial debut with the creepy independent horror film Lucky. The story is about the miserable life of loner Millard Mudd (Michael Emanuel), a drunk cartoonist with writer's block. While out to get more beer, he accidentally runs over a dog. He takes the dog home and calls him Lucky, convinced that he's not really dead. Eventually the dog starts talking (voice of David Reivers) and Millard starts writing again. Pretty soon Lucky is telling him what to write and what to do, eventually turning his master into a homicidal maniac.

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