Thursday, October 05, 2006

Neil Gaiman "Other People"

Tues night Sherry & I went out to Menlo Park to attend a reading by Neil Gaiman from his new book "Fragile Things". It was pretty cool, he read a short story called "Other People" & a poem called "Locks". We had to get there early & get a ticket for the reading & signing, we got 349 & 350. I guess we didn't get there quite early enough but that was fine. We bought the new book, went to the bar across the street and waited (drank) until the sheduled start time, then walked back over. No big deal, we waited in line then took our seats for the reading. It was pretty short then he took a few questions. That went by fairly quick then it was time to get in line for the signing. We were going to be there for a while...................Until a nice couple came up to us and asked "Did you get your books signed yet?" We said no. They proceeded to give us their tickets, numbers 249 & 250. They were permitted to cut to the front because the girl was pregnant & they didn't take their tickets. So, this was brilliant! It probably saved us 2 hours. We headed towards the line & had our copies of "Fragile Things" (required) & "Coraline" signed along with this Death Tarot Promo (see pic) that I've had for a while. (Now I just have to run into Dave McKean). We had a very good time.

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