Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ernie's "Magic Garden"

On Saturday we went to the comic-con and while looking through a stack of original art by comic great Ernie Chan we spotted a wonderful Wonder Woman. I did'nt have enough cash left by this time so Ernie was cool enough to offer to hold it for me and I would Paypal him the nezt day and he could mail it to us. Cool! So we went home and I emailed him to get his Paypal info and proceeded to pay him. In the email I thanked Ernie for everything and being that he lives only onetown away I asked if it would be alright to swing by and pick up the art. To my suprise, not 2 minutes after I sent off the email, he called and invited us to come by, no problem.

So we set it up for Sunday afternoon and it literally took us 15 minutes to get there. Ernie proceeded to give us a tour of his beautiful orchard with all the grapes, figs, guavas & plums you could ever want. The next harvest, he said, would be in December and invited us back. We spent the next hour or so checking out the latest work he's been doing and I had brought along some of my stuff also for him to check out. Pretty cool day!

What a kind & hospitable fellow he is and a comic great ta boot! Conan was my absolute favorite for years and there's only a few people who you instantly associate with it, John Busema & Ernie Chan. We had an excellent time & look forward to visiting with him again.

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