Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Brick NJ - Safest town in U.S.? wah?

I had heard about it on TV and a friend just sent me an email about the best/worst towns in America so this was my reply to him. Crazy!

Well i lived in St Louis for a while so i guess i'm movin' on up huh? and i grew up drinking beer behind the shop-rite in brick plaza.

It's weird, i always avoided brick when i was in NJ. well, later on anyway. i literally drove around it to get where i was going. hmmmm? BUT the absolute best chicken wing place is in brick so i go there whenever i'm back in ole joisey.

The band's home base was in brick at George the bass players house. god i cringe thinking about it all now. (i've got douche chills) He passed away a few years ago. poor bastard.

Then I did a google search for "Brick Plaza" and found this:

Just as I remembered it, all grey & depressing. Then I also found this picture. I passed this thing 1000 times driving through Bayville. Now I know a little about it.


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