Monday, October 16, 2006

Hayward Comic-Con (part 2)

Finally got around to downoading a few pictures from the con. Here's Tony Dezuniga & his wife.
Here's Tony & Ernie Chan.

Here's a few other things we scored. A Howard the Duck Magazine for $1 (I had never even seen this one before and it has all Gene Colan art, nice!), Three 7" records, one being a cool Elastica 7" and another Groovy Ghoulies 7" with cool Sam Kieth cover art, a really cool "Absoulte Sandman" promo poster and Sherry won a crappy door prize, a Tim Truman "Scout" trade paperback which we gave to our friend Mike. And last but not least a fantastic Wonder Woman drawing by the great Ernie Chan (more on that tomorrow.)

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