Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dinner w/ our friend Tom Field

Last night we went out for dinner with our friend Tom Field, he was back in SF again after having been here only a few days ago. We met him at the bar at the Hyatt and had a few drinks (a bad gin & tonic, so that was free, i drank it anyway, ha!) and a few laughs. We saw (smelled) a very smelly lady and wondered what foul stink she was trying to mask with all that horrible perfume. We figured she was trying to hide the cruel smell of death and that she was really a vampire stalking victims in a dark hotel bar. Thankfully she had her claws on some poor unknowing bastard, who obviously had lost his sense of smell in the war. That poor bastard! We had a nice friendly dinner while the football game was on (along with a bunch of drunken Eagles fans).

Among other things we talked about baseball, comics, Tom's first job writing for comics, art (he knows the guy who owns the cover to Captain Marvel #1), travelling w/ our dogs, the job i was supposed to be finishing but went out instead (it's done now), and last but not least we talked briefly about writing/drawing a fun, weird, spooky children's book. So he's going to start thinking up some ideas and I'll probably see him again in a few weeks when he comes back to SF on business.

Last but not least he sent me the link to Brian Wilson's website because he will be performing "Pet Sounds" in LA soon and I'm going to try and find tickets. It's sold out but maybe I'll get lucky. I wish I had remembered this sooner, oh well.

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